Tax Investigations

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) raise several hundred tax investigations per year into the affairs of companies, businesses and individuals. The number of tax investigations is increasing dramatically year on year, with all business sectors are being put under investigations. The vast majority of these investigations will have been risk assessed by reference to documents or return previously submitted to HMRC, as well as information from third parties.

HMRC may have launched an investigation into your tax, VAT, PAYE or offshore interests. Don’t ignore these letter as the investigation could spin out of control leading to a criminal tax prosecution and a time in prison.

We recommend you do not chat with HMRC on any investigation until you meet our expert accountants regarding investigation matter. Because HMRC suspect you as a tax evader, a suspected fraud and much more.

You should contact us immediately because our experienced team of chartered accountants will be able to resolve your HMRC tax investigations with the minimum amount of inconvenience to you and / or your business.